The hackerspace ping protocol

The hackerspace ping protocol is an idea to connect with hackerspaces all over the world.

In the end of August Pitanga (Br) visited the Hungarian Autonomous Center for Knowledge. The idea of the protocol has been lurking already for some time, but having a co-author and carrier that is able to deliver packets on other continents seemed like a nice occasion to start this idea. We decided to send 6 packets, 2 of them are Discovery Packets without any destination, the other 4 are addressed to Forskningsavd, Tokyo, Sao Paulo and Noisebridge. For a working draft of the HHSPP (HHSPP is a Hackerspace Ping Protocol) please see http://pad.telecomix.org/hackerspace-ping-protocol

it will be interesting to see, how this idea develops in the future, what tools we are going to develop to track packets, what the packets material and contents will be, etc. lot's of excitment.

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