HA5KBP is the ham radio club call sign of H.A.C.K. with a HAREC/CEPT license.




  • Icom IC-7000 (100W)
  • Kenwood TS-440 (100W)


Most of these should go into box B9.
  • Yaesu FT-7900E (50W)
  • Baofeng UV-5R (5W)
  • RouterBoard QRT-2 (1W)


Most of these should go into box B9.
  • HackRF (RX/TX, half duplex)
  • 2 rad1o badges (same as HackRF, different implementation)
  • RTL-SDR (RX only)


  • MP-1 Superantenna for portable use
  • Outback 1899 with magnetic base for mobile use
  • LDG RT-100 remote tuner (with optional RC-100 controller, broken, waiting for repair)
  • 20m long OCF dipole in the attic - supposed to be 40m - 20m - 10m but only works on 20m
  • RouterBoard QRT-2 (built-in 17 dBi) — currently attached to a pipe on the roof, rotated towards HG5HNA


Our power cables are all fitted with 30A Anderson Powerpole connectors, the cheapest webshop in Hungary seems to be Tech-Mobile:

  • black and red 15/45 housing for 132 HUF (126 HUF for 25 to 50, 119 HUF for 50+)
  • 30A contact for 103 HUF
  • shipping starts at 1200 HUF


  • gMFSK by OH2BNS for digital RX/TX with a GTK application
    • apt-get install gmfsk
  • wwl by VA3DB for calculating distance between maidenhead locators with a simple command line tool
    • apt-get install wwl
  • slowrx by OH2EIQ for SSTV RX with a GTK application
  • PySSTV by HA5VSA for SSTV TX with a simple command line tool, with optional GIMP plugin
    • pip install pysstv

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